Why gamers need supplements!

Why gamers need supplements!

Did you see Bugha win millions of dollars at the Fortnite world championship? That's why!

There's no debate about it -  Top esports gamers and streamers are some of the highest paid influencers and competitors in the world! And it is a global competition. You're not just playing against the 10 year old down the road and the stay at home dad up the road. You're playing against the best players in the US, Germany, China, Korea, Japan, etc. If you want to be competitive, you need every edge you can get! 

Pyre recognizes that the top competitive athletes in the world improve their performance by optimizing their mind and body to perform at its peak every day. 

#1) You need hours of consistent deliberate and focused practice. To help with this, Pyre has released several products that can help.

GODMODE contains caffeine and nootropics to keep your mind alert and laser focused for hours. Even if you're practicing, if you're trying to get better, you need to play like it's for the championship every game. 

Your reaction time, focus, memory, and reaction time is killed if you do not get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can kill you. That's why we hvae Respawn Sleep Aid.